About Sascha Roslyakov



My name is Sascha (Alexander) Roslyakov. I am a journalist based in Sweden. I began my career in journalism at age 20 and, since then, worked full-time as a Moscow correspondent for the Associated Press, a Russia producer for ITV News, and a freelancer with international media. 

For the ten years that I covered Russia, I have been perhaps on every news story in the region. My work was published with the Associated Press, ITV News, VICE News, Euronews, NBC News, DW, PBS, AJ+, and others. My interests include current affairs, human and LGBTQ rights, culture, and technology. 

I am an awardee of a prestigious 2021 Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals and a 2022 Middlebury College's Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace. Before starting my first paid shift, I was the founder of the award-winning student-led news website "The Main".